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As a certified Health Coach, Rivkah Krinsky guides adults and teenagers alike around the globe to live a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition. Rivkah customizes her program to suite each individual making it doable and joyful.  With balanced meal plans, practical tips, mindful thoughts, motivation and easy delicious recipes, her holistic approach helps her clients reach their health and weight loss goals in a way that is empowering and sustainable.



Revive with Rivkah- Balanced Nutrition for Life.

 I have learnt through my own weight loss journey (watch the video below) what it means to live a healthy lifestyle in a realistic and sustainable way with the benefits of vitality, strength, nourishment, satiety and at the same time maintain the weight I've lost.

I fully understand the battle of losing weight and the struggle to maintain it. Growing up in Melbourne Australia, I was overweight as a teenager, I had been on numerous diets; from Jenny Craig to the Blood Type Diet to Weight Watchers and more. Yet it was always a similar cycle, I would lose weight, gain it back and start over again. My focus would be on counting calories, so that even when I maintained weight loss for long periods of time I was not focused as much on living the healthy way, nor the balanced sustainable way so I would eventually gain it back. Now living with my family in Brooklyn NY, I have maintained my weight for many years, with more energy, vitality and joy- all whilst having my children, through balanced nutrition.  I now guide my family and clients to do the very same!
I have been practicing as a Health Coach through  IIN- Integrative Nutrition for some years now and I am passionate about what I do. I enjoy working with all different people at all different stages. Children and teenagers are a wonderful age to work with, its the best time in life to learn and implement healthy habits, to have an understanding of what living healthy means, feeling happy and confident about who they are, learning and growing.  I can relate to pregnant women and post baby, since of had 8 children of my own and enjoy giving them the tools and guidance to feel good, maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy and beyond. I also work with single women, married women, couples and men guiding each to find their unique balance and achieving their goals in a sustainable doable way- take a peek at 'testimonials' for client feedback.

 If you would like to have great energy, feel the best you can, lose or maintain weight and learn to live a healthy lifestyle in a realistic, sustainable way,  I would love to help you reach your optimal health potential, individually catered to you and your way of life. Your first consultation is free where I hear all about you and tell you more about my program and prices. Contact info is above- click 'get in touch' and come REVIVE WITH RIVKAH!


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