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‘After months of wanting to reach a healthy weight, Rivkah guided and helped me reach it. When I came to Rivkah, I originally just wanted a meal plan and accountability every week. I was pleasantly surprised that besides the meal plan, accountability and delicious recipes, her actual coaching design was very effective in helping me reach my goal weight and feeling great. This is an excellent program to learn and attain healthy eating habits for life as opposed to a one time fix or yo-yo dieting!’

 Dr. Sarah Kranz Ciment, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Director, Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative (RCII)

Director, Friendship Circle of Virginia.

"I just want to say a huge thank you, for helping me and my family choose a healthier lifestyle, and guiding me to reach a weight I haven't been in years! 
I feel so young and energetic! 
I love Rivkah's recipes, I use them all, and look forward to every meal, they are nutritious, heavenly, and filling! My pantry has transformed from yellow bags of sugar and flour, to nuts and healthy grains! I feel incredible! thank you Rivkah!"

Chani Drizin

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"I never got bored or "hangry". instead I felt energized, light on my feet in my exercise classes, and truly full and satisfied. In fact, I have no intention of going back to old habits..."

Racheli Weiss

"Starting week 9 today with my healthy eating plan from Rivkah Krinsky, I've lost 23 lbs so far! Crazy how it's an entirely new lifestyle for me, but I'm eating delicious food that everyone is always jealous of! (and I don't feel hungry at all during the day!) Honestly, not eating sugar isn't a huge issue for me anymore. I don't crave cookies and cake at all anymore. not like I'm ready to give all that up, permanently, but I'm totally fine without, and not feeling deprived at all, which is usually the reason for all my failed efforts"

Bracha Hershkowitz

Log final.jpg

" I fit into my engagement dress and my Sheva broches outfits! I was NEVER hungry! I felt energized and healthy. I can't believe I actually reached my goal thanks to Rivkah!"

"Within a few weeks of eating healthy, I had the energy to walk more.
My mental fog lifted and I felt energized all day long!"

It is possible and even fun to lead a healthier lifestyle. Each week Rivkah was there with her warm smile and words of encouragement to hear me out and customize a plan for my specific needs.


What Clients Are Saying

"During my first pregnancy I gained a tremendous amount of weight. Thankfully with Rivkah, this time around I continued to lose and now work on maintaining my weight. Our weekly meetings are empowering and make me feel good about myself"

"Thanks to Rivkah, my whole family enjoys tasty nutritious food. Your recipes are always delicious. Over these few months, with your support and guidance, it has become second nature to me to prepare healthy meals."

"With Rivkah's help I was able to make lifestyle changes that helped me lose close to 50 pounds. I have tried many diets, apps, and methods to lose weight but your method is something I feel I can stick to. I feel better than I have in years and feel confident that I can stick to this way of eating for life."


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Dear Rivkah, Thank you for all your encouragement and guidance in this journey to lose my unwanted extra pounds! This diet regime has truly empowered me- you have succeeded in showing me how to live a healthy, sustainable life without feeling deprived. This is a gift for which I will always appreciate. Continue spreading your expertise and making a difference in peoples lives. THANK YOU.


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‘Rivkah was positive, upbeat and very supportive in helping me change my eating habits in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable. I can now pass on desserts and foods that don't do well for me with no hesitation and without feeling deprived. I am well on my way to my weight loss goal and I feel healthier and in control of my food choices. I have even been able to maintain my healthy eating and weight loss over tishrei and while on the road. I highly recommend Rivkah’s program!!’ 



"To reach my goal just after Purim was amazing, only a few pounds away from my wedding weight! I’m married over 25 years thank G-d, a busy mother, grandmother and shlucha. Thank you Rivkah, you have taught me how to live a healthy way of life with balanced meals and exercise. I learned many tips and tools from your program, some that really helped me are, staying mindful- I found this to be a key ingredient, being accountable to you and food journaling each week was an especially big part of my success to stay in control and make it a way of life. I saw and felt how important a healthy breakfast is for a good day and prepping the night before helped get my day going. With your encouragement, even when I slipped up I was able to get back on track and continue and now here I am at my goal, eating wholesome meals, sleeping better, feeling strong and rejuvenated!- so thankful."



Chana Werde’s daughter Bella joined her mum for her last session  completing my program.

I truly appreciated listening to Chana’s thoughts on how she feels completing this program because her words are exactly my intention for all of my clients. ❤ 

Chana is so very pleasant, she is an accomplished OT and mother, here’s some of how she feels:

1. She used to always count calories and now she feels so much more freedom, she is even able to eat more on this program AND actually had and continues to have great results each week reaching her goal!

2. She had never been on a program (and she’s been on many) where she felt so satisfied, energetic and balanced in her way of eating, enjoying her meals from all food groups, RK healthy treats included & the occasional indulgence going out to dinner with family and friends. 

3. The way she felt as she started her meal plan, lead her to consistently exercise which she used to do, but inconsistently before this program because as is evident, one healthy step leads to another!


Dear rivkah,

Since I came to you I never went back you're ongoing support is beyond words. You give me the strength and encouragement that I need to obtain my weight loss and fitness goals and that to me means the world. You're always there with you're encouraging words and support and you always make me feel good even if I didn't lose that week. You give me tips, recipes and comfort when I need it most. You are the best health coach ever!



Rivky Muss

Testimonial Pic Rivky.jpg

'When I am trying to lose weight, it is really hard to not eat unhealthy foods.

When Rivka shares her recipes and tips, it makes eating healthy more exciting and enjoyable because I have learned there are other delicious foods that I can exchange unhealthy treats with.

Eating in a balanced way is easier in the long run and the weight is easier to  maintain. When one diets, the weight may come off quickly, but can easily be put right back on.

I love Rivka's kind and gentle approach. She is very creative and has wonderful recipes and smoothie ideas that are fun to make!’

Sarah Kozliner

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sossie l.jpg

I loved working with Rivkah. She doesn’t only teach you about what to eat she teaches healthy living for a healthy happy life. ❤

Sossie Lazeres

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Dear Rivkah when we started during succot , I was not expecting much as we all tend to overeat on the holidays, just knowing I had to weigh in and answer to you kept me on track! My initial goal was to loose 10 lbs and I lost 18!!! It’s all because of your guidance and yummy recipes!! Thanks so much!!❤❤

Marilyn Harar

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